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Club History

  • Donnybrook L.T.C. was founded at inaugural meeting on 10 April 1893 at the Schoolhouse, Beaver Row, Donnybrook.
  • The first President was the Right Hon. Mr. Justice Madden. The idea of forming a tennis club is attributed to Knox Horner who became the first Hon. Secretary.
  • The Committee negotiated a lease with H. Bantry White – one of the Committee – of a field attached to a house called "Ballinguile". The first four grass courts were laid at a cost of £9 per court.
  • The club was formally opened on 7 June 1893. By September 1893, 5 months after it was founded, the Club had 147 members. Donnybrook admitted female members to the club from its inception.
  • A year later, the Club held its first Open Day, which was attended by 800 people and reported in the Lady's Pictorial. By that time, 7 courts had been laid.
  • At its first Annual General Meeting, the Club decided to employ a professional coach to assist with improving the standard of play.
  • The Club won the Men's Class 2 Summer League.
  • Ladies' competitions were introduced and the Club had its first major League victories courtesy of the Ladies 1st and 2nd Teams. DLTC ladies won Class 1 in 1910 and 1913, with the Class 2 team triumphing in 1912, 1913 and 1914.
  • The decision was made to extend membership to include boys and girls aged 14-17. In 1950 the minimum age was reduced to 10 and, following further changes, those aged between 5 and 18 are now classified as Junior Members.
  • On the occasion of the Club's 75th Anniversary in 1968, an article in the Irish Times reported that "It is on the junior side that Donnybrook has made a positive contribution to tennis in Dublin, for in the club children are not merely tolerated but actually welcomed and are given coaching and facilities unequalled anywhere."
  • 4 hard courts were laid, bringing the number of hard courts to 6 In the 1920's, the Club leased some additional land from the Bantry Whites, laid two hard courts, and subsequently bought the grounds from the Bantry Whites who had leased them to the Club.
  • The Men's First Team reached the final of Summer League Class 2 and where thereby promoted to Class 1 for the first time. They proceeded to win Class 1 in 1982 and 1984.
  • Throughout the 1980's, and early 1990's, the Ladies' First Team enjoyed notable success, winning Class 1 Summer League seven times during this period (1982, 1984-1988, and 1993).
  • The Club bought some land on which two additional hard courts were laid, giving the club a total of 8 courts. These courts have now been resurfaced with artificial grass.
  • Indoor tennis comes to Donnybrook with the erection of an airhall. Three courts now provide indoor tennis for six months of the year, from October to March.
  • The Ladies' First Team win the Summer League Premier Division, adding to their recent victories in 2001, 2009 and 2011.

Success on the court

Our club is fortunate to have a very active playing membership. In addition to organised and social tennis catering for all levels, Donnybrook LTC also regularly competes, and achieves success, in inter-club competitions.

Allied to this, Donnybrook LTC has a rich history in developing international players with club members including Osgar O’Hoisin and David O’Hare (Davis Cup Team); and Jane Fennelly and Georgia Drummy (Federations Cup Team), amongst others, having represented Ireland on the world stage in recent years.

Year-round tennis and social events

in a family-friendly environment.

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