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Tennis Court Rules

Notification of Court Rules 

The Committee of Donnybrook LTC, in consultation with other Dublin clubs, the Dublin Lawn Tennis Council and Tennis Ireland, have revised the court rules as follows:

The Court Booking System goes live 7 days in advance from 7am for bookings. A court booking must include all members due to play when the booking is made.  No member may play without a court booking.


Juniors are permitted to play until 7pm. Reminder: U12s must have parent/minder adult supervision on all courts. Please be mindful of your court etiquette, no shouting, no swearing and be respectful of players on other courts. No abuse of indoor facilities.

The exception to this is those juniors who have been selected to play on an Adult League team in an Adult League event. These juniors are known as Designated Juniors and have the same status as Senior members. For clarification purposes, Adult League events are defined as Floodlit League, Winter League and Summer League. A list of these Designated Juniors is available in the office and will be updated regularly.


Club coaches have been allocated their own individual slots for private coaching on outdoor court 7.

Coaches may book either an indoor or outside court outside their allocated slots on court 7 within the conditions laid out below.

Each coach may book an indoor court no more than two hours per day for private lessons and these hours must not be consecutive and must be within time guidelines :

not permitted from 6pm to 9pm (Monday to Thursday) and not permitted from 10am to 12pm (Saturday & Sunday). 

Only one coach permitted indoors at any time.

A coach is not permitted to privately coach alongside the Club Junior Coaching Programme.


From time to time, the Club may avail of the indoor/outdoor courts for Club social events both internal and external. Two courts will always be made available to members during internal/external events but the Committee reserves the right to avail of all courts at certain times. E.g. Junior Open, Senior Open etc. 

Dublin Lawn Tennis Council LEAGUES

DLTC Leagues are outdoor events. Teams who wish to avail of the indoor courts must book themselves as members and not through the Club. In the event of two teams scheduled to play at home, the required number of indoor courts  will be booked by the Club and teams will rotate on the use of that indoor court/s. No hierarchy.

In the event of bad weather and where the outside courts are deemed to be unsafe or unplayable, the club reserves the right to ask members to relinquish their pre-booked courts in the event that the match/matches cannot be rescheduled before the next match is due to be played. 


Only Club Registered Coaches are permitted to request to run Junior Camps. Up to 4 courts can be used for junior camps and only courts 5,6,7 & 8  including the practice wall can be used leaving courts 1,2,3,4 available to members.

The Committee reserve the right to amend the Club Court rules as it sees fit. Persistent infringement could lead to disciplinary action.


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