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Junior Programme

The junior programme is extremely popular at Donnybrook LTC. It is for members only and runs from September to May each year.

Owen Casey is regarded as one of the best coaches in the country. The coaches provide group classes of up to 8 juniors in 45 minute, 1 hour or 1.5 hours sessions from Mon–Fri.

The Junior Programme is charged at €12.50 per hour usually. Groups of smaller numbers can be charged at a higher rate.

Coaching Team:

Owen Casey, Jenny O’Brien, Lesley O’Halloran, Victor Drummy, Colin O'Brien, Jimmy McDonogh, Anita O'Neill.

See Contact tab for contact details for our coaches.

Owen Casey – Commitment Award presented 2 Feb. 2013

dcca logoThis Award is being presented by the ITF to players who have shown long-standing dedication to representing their country in this prestigious competition. Each Award recipient has competed in a minimum of 20 home or away ties or 50 ties at any level of the competition (including Zone Group Events) over their career.

The Award was conceived as part of the ITF’s 2013 Centenary celebrations and will be launched at the 100th Davis Cup Final in 2012. Initially 299 players met the criteria with awards presented throughout 2013. All recipients are recognised on an honours board at the ITF headquarters and in a dedicated section on the official Davis Cup website.